E-commerce Fulfillment

​List of Services :

  • EDI/API Integration

  • Order Management System

  • B2B Shopping Cart Build Up

  •  Small Parcel Shipping

In Real, you do not have to worry about your orders being fulfilled because we have well equipped facilities and well trained warehouse staff to take care of every single parcel. To manage your inventory, our Warehouse Management System and Order Management System can be accessed in any location and any time. We are able to provide training sessions to get you set up professionally and quickly.  

More importantly, Our integrations with most of the major market places and shopping charts across the world really bring up our abilities of serving a variety of E-commerce sellers. Orders are sent to us automatically and seamlessly. We help you pick, pack and ship your orders to your customers always on time and accurately. We are good to go!

We partner with “Big 4”: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and both international and domestics carriers to ship your orders on time, every time while save you significant budget on shipping than doing it on your own!  

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