Branding Abroad--what is the concept behind?

With the continuous expansion of the global e-commerce market, more and more Chinese companies have begun to go abroad and embark on the road of opening up overseas markets. Starting from 2017, the trend of “branding abroad” is gradually growing especially in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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The top five best global brands are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Amazon.

As a major exporter, China only occupies two spots among the TOP 100 brands internationally--Huawei, a growing brand in China that compete with Apple in the global markets only ranks 70th, and lenovo, a long-established brand falls to 100.

Clearly, the problem is with the branding. Instead of manufacturing, China began to promote branding and the effect of brand name. Here comes the question: how to market a brand to make it well-accepted?

Imbedded in the idea, one question worth thinking is the brand competitiveness--what makes the brand so unique that it could stand out from the massive global market?

With advanced technology, fast production does not make it a huge advantage anymore. Although many cross-border companies are still immersed in price competition and single-explosive models, the trend is turning away from the favor of these “old-fashioned marketing strategies” as the demographic dividend gradually recedes, labor costs are rising, product services are highly homogenized and profits are declining. Corporate transformation and upgrading has become a major problem, especially in traditional foreign trade enterprises.

Under the current industry environment, most of the companies that are still able to maintain steady development are those that have long-term deep-rooted management, occupy a certain market share in a certain market segment, and have good service reputation and brand effect. For example, the cross-border B2C model has brought a large number of Chinese brands to overseas markets, and a large number of new Chinese brands under the cross-border e-commerce model such as Anker and Aukey have been born, and even Amazon's internal sales staff said that they can survive on Amazon. There are only two types of sellers: one is a product with a cost-effective brand, the other is that the product has a certain speciality, and the competitor has no way to imitate it in a short time. This is exactly what our partner is aiming for--seeking the shiny point of the product that differentiate it from the rest, and thus promoting the brand awareness.

With our partner specialized in brand marketing, package designing, and online and offline sales channels promoting, we are able to provide one-stop Sino-US cross-border trade solutions for branding overseas clients with our professional logistics service tailored to the every case.

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